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tv   Drive it  Deutsche Welle  April 13, 2019 2:30am-3:01am CEST

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they can keep people move south so they can plant crops and find food. floods and droughts climate change become the main driver for mass migration you can write any kind of peace not if you want them probably more than will come to. the climate exodus starts it will courteous on t.w. . hello and welcome to drive with an e w motor magazine this week in trade fair for tomorrow's technology points to the future of mobility a compact s.u.v. they really can go off roading this go to caracas scout and b.m.w.'s do luxury s.u.v. the x. seven.
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exactly twenty years ago b.m.w. launched its s.u.v. series with the ex-wife now the seventh and largest model in the family is hitting the streets the german car maker claims the x. seven combines excellent off road performance and handling with all the creature comforts it's assembled in spartanburg in the us state of south carolina. doesn't get a car test i know guys and over says what strikes you instantly about the x. seven is his enormous grille and sheer size overall it's over five metres long two metres wide and one point eight meters tall that makes it a full size s.u.v. by american standards in the same class as the cadillac escalate or the mercedes-benz g.l.'s nobody in germany would want to vehicle besides that lots of customers want them in the u.s. and china he says or at least b.m.w. hopes. three x.
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seven is built on the x five platform but none of the parts of the x. files body are used in the new model a single glance shows why that's no surprise the x. seven leaves a much bronnie or more opulent more imposing impression see visits as i don't says seven seen sir all well and good but what's key is getting into and out of a car like this it hash to be easy with more compact s.u.v.s that sometimes awful but it's no problem with the x. seven and the seats in back can be adjusted electrically another good thing he says is that even tall people have plenty of leg room and back. in the mention of the plots. a gear shift made of glass is just one example of a luxury on display in the x. seven sincere ear where. there's also plenty of soft weather and high end wood trim and passengers really have room to stretch out.
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for the second row of seats customers can choose between a standard bench or two captain's chairs on the. decks the x. seven is twenty five centimeters longer than the x. five says ryan although which means there's enough room for a third row seats but if you're carting around seven of the passengers as you won't have much space left over for baggage when there are only five in the car on the other hand there's loads of room he says especially when all the rear seats are lowered if you doing that frees up to two thousand one hundred liters of cargo space. so it's five thousand i wouldn't need to call the whole moment. and sure many x. seven customers can choose between three different. engines i mean hope is testing
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the gasoline powered x. drive forty i although the s.u.v. tips the scales at two point four tons it's able to hit a hundred kilometers an hour from a standstill in just over six seconds but the model is a dinosaur when it comes to fuel efficiency and burns through at least nine leaders for every hundred kilometers on the road yang seven comes standard with a twin axle air suspension and an automatic sofa leveling system that ensures top notch control and comfort even on challenging terrain so how does it drive as reinhold wellwood says add gyal as its little brother the x five that's down to its great chassis and toward vectoring to each individual wheel as well as the rear axle steering he suggests taking the trim line that includes the panorama sun roof because it lets you simulate a starry sky at night it's almost like being in a rolls royce he says. there's a nice control panel for the four zone climate control system and the seats offer
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a range of massage options. exceptions interior features are based on those in the x. five drivers can use the central console to choose driving modes from sporty to comfortable offloading programs are optional i know says the x. seven is proof that b.m.w. can also do a full size car though its own zero to full size for german streets and parking garages but he thinks there are markets where it will prove popular because the americans and chinese love big s.u.v.s receive these so those fifty thousand units have its g.o.'s annually and b.m.w. wants a slice of that pie he says the model ought to offer two other variants a twelve cylinder option and a plug in hybrid but so far the car maker isn't planning to make either but it's about by the wealthy. in germany prices for the luxury
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s.u.v. started just over eighty four thousand euros the big question is whether the concept has awakes because another trend has been gaining momentum among consumers for years a growing concern about climate change. and about a journalist he meant o'shea for says the mobile world congress in barcelona is the industry's most important trade fair not just for mobile communications but also for mobility and that's why not only manufacturers of smartphones come but also why the likes of b.m.w. and say that show up at the so it's time to take a look. at. the fares been held since one thousand nine hundred eighty seven and initially in london the host city has changed several times since then it's said to be held in barcelona until at least two thousand and twenty three.
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seance slogan this year is the urban beat journalists from all over the world attend a press conference at the spanish carmakers booth. and this is what they're waiting for the mini the concept car is intended above all for fleet customers and car sharing providers. i wish to get in monaco says a big topic here is micro mobility covering distances a less than ten kilometers say it's come up with a mini mo for that like others in the segment it's battery powered but it has a big advantage you can swap out batteries so no more long waits and charging stations. the empty battery pack can then be recharged at a charging station while you're driving around in the mini mo it has room for two people. and can recognize and adapt to the driver for example for sixteen year olds
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the maximum speed can be limited to forty five kilometers per hour and stead of ninety with a length of two point five meters and with that one point two meters that many occupy just three point one square metres of space much less than most cars but there's much more to see if the fair. one top emotional finds very interesting are these little displaced they're also interesting for car manufacturers because they open up new possibilities they no longer have to work with this place that are flat or slightly curved but can adapt them to surfaces as needed. in the future even sharp edges can be used as a display which means a lot of flexibility for interior design. i invite him i know it says another important topic of the show is five g. the next gen mobile data transmission with the download speeds up to twenty
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gigabytes per second it's way faster than the current for cheer l.t.e. that's important for the car sector because of autonomy is driving where a lot of data has to be transferred from a car to the transmission tower or between cars and so a new standard is needed and that's five she says. it also increases transmission speeds so cars can exchange information as quickly as possible with each other. just get off that none of us says the fair doesn't just offer visions of the future but also mobility solutions that are already available like this say x. as kick scooter it's electric has a twenty five kilometer range and can hit twenty five kilometers per hour imagine leaving home taking the scooter to the train station and then with you onto the train and scootering from the train to your workplace you don't need a car or a parking space so it's easy the fare provides a taste of a. the new forms mobility will take in the future for.
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those who to caracas been out on the market since mid twenty's seventeen by the end of last year one hundred twenty two thousand of them had ruled out the czech car makers assembly lines now there's a toned up version of the compact crossover s.u.v. a karate scout skoda says it handles even better on rough terrain and thinks it will draw fans looking for transport to more remote locations in the great outdoors . contest a young baker says s.u.v.s are supposed to be sporty off roaders which means this special trim package somehow seems so little redundant nowadays most two wheel drive lifestyle as you use can barely climb up on the curb when you're parking he says so maybe they're correct scout actually does make a kind of sense if it really can deal with off road terrain that's what he's going
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to find out today that's fourth and yet that's one of them on top of. the boost that the correct scout really is built to deal with the rugged terrain is underlined by a range of alterations new underbody protection now shields the engine from being bashed out in the field striking wheel arch linings and special skirting provide extra protection from any stones and gravel thrown up along the way the trunk offers five hundred twenty leaders of cargo space lowering their rear seats expands that to one thousand six hundred thirty leaders. and up that's going on gun says the view from the driver's seat is nice and high typical for s.u.v.s and visibility up front is good steering is light and direct and suspension is more comfortable than stiff but it's stiffen have to keep the scout from listing in curves all in all it makes a good impression. two engines earn offer for the model
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a two liter diesel or a one point five liter gasoline powered version both put out one hundred ten kilowatts a power the scow takes nine point three seconds to go from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour. the bare bones version concert thirty six thousand euros younes test car with lots of extras will go for over forty seven thousand five hundred euros and i have gotten says all wheel drive is standard for the model which is only right in a car supposedly made for off roading but it only kicks in when the front wheels start losing traction otherwise the scout runs on front wheel drive to save fuel when off road mode is turned on he says the car react more slowly when he hits the gas and off roading assist programs are activated that help you keep control going down the steeper slopes for fence about it that i pick up. with all those bells and whistles the correct scout does well on dirt roads constantly calculating optimal
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torque distribution to both actuals the cars drive control unit ensures good traction and control that any given moment discount has higher ground clearance and the standard garage and it's series package includes a suspension optimized for off roading. and soon even with young mikes the wood trim inside although he generally isn't a fan of it but combined with the scouts exclusive seat upholstery and brown tones it compliments the rush to go outdoors he look to me this bits will stick i also. but if you want things a little more high tech inside you'll have to pay for. though
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the standard package does include a nine inch infotainment display and adjustable ambient lights that lets you alter the lighting scheme in the interior to suit your own taste and it's a nice touch in combination with the scouts brown seats. let's come up at the end of the day he says youn the scout isn't really a true off roader or a mountain climber its interior is too nice for that and the hard plastic cladding wouldn't be able to withstand serious poking with stones for long but whether it's standard four wheel drive and rough terrain package it might be an alternative for someone who drives a lot on unpaved road it's the only thing i thought he was i. was faced in the market for a mid range station wagon is competitive says car tester on the left because
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there's a choice for every budget whether it's expensive models like the a four avant practical ones like those go to suburban or all rounders like the v.w. posada not forget the ford mondeo or opel insignia the key is joining a crowded field he wants to find out what the sporty korean wagon does better than the competition and what not so much. has recently revamped the optima sports wagon and the most important improvements can be found under the hood available engines already comply with the euro sixty tempi emission standards which will become binding on all new cars sold from september onwards among them are two new one point six liter power plants a one hundred kilowatt diesel and an agile economical one hundred thirty two kilowatt turbo gasoline engine today brownie's testing the diesel engine in the top tier g. the line trip. to help him off ronnie
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says the optima dries very comfortably and above all quietly over long distances what sets it apart is its look it's typical kiya but by no means typical for a mid-sized car. the facelift is most noticeable on the modified front bumper and redesign headlamps fog lights and only daytime running lights and design of the eighteen inch alloy wheels has also been refreshed the sportier g t and she t line trim lines feature black glossy exterior mirrors doorsill and side air intakes. besides twin tailpipes a highlight of the rear is the sleek tail lights. the
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g.t. line also has an electric tailgate the vehicle recognizes when the driver is waiting at the rear of the vehicle and the tailgate opens after beeping three times the luggage space in the rear is a generous five hundred fifty two leaders which expands to one thousand six hundred eighty six liters with the rear seats folded into. the g.t. line interior combining sportiness with luxury is comfort the quality of workmanship is high and there's no reason for kiev to shy away from a comparison with european competitors. red seams on the leather seats emphasize the car's sporty flair.
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the new one hundred kilowatt one point six liter diesel with three hundred twenty new and meters of torque replaces the previous one point seven leader c r d i it meets the euro sixty tam standard thanks to s.c.r. exhaust aftertreatment the key it takes eleven point eight seconds to go from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour and as a top speed of one hundred ninety three in germany the optima sports wagon with g.t. line trim starts at just over thirty nine thousand europe's. decide for ronnie says the automatic transmission changes gears smoothly the one hundred kilowatt one point six leader turbo diesel does what it's supposed to do he says but compared to competing models it lacks some liveliness responsiveness and pulling power but it's fuel efficient and burns a maximum of six liters per one hundred kilometers. and keeping with its dynamic
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appearance the new optima sports wagon suspension provides agile handling and especially stable front suspension and the cars the fish and multi link rear concept and short high ride comfort and little engine noise to kill ronnie sums up by saying this is the perfect companion for those who can live without the prestige value of a luxury brand and are mostly interested in practicability economy and especially value for money. the entry level up to most sports wagon is already available in germany for just under twenty six and a half thousand europe's. in the early one nine hundred sixty s. europe was experiencing a baby boom renault boss pierre dreyfus responded within the vellum out of a radically new interior design for a midsize car. to mislead the car to stick to stuff our
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recall is what drive has announced to his team we've got to see things in a new light a car cannot always consist of four seat selfhood in a trunk we've got to see it as a single space the result was the one thousand nine hundred sixty one renault are for a revolutionary and innovative compact car and in one nine hundred sixty five renault watched the are sixteen a mid-size family car with a hatchback a large trunk lid and flexible interior and teen age defy me to coachella. during the design process the engineers had almost total freedom the only requirement was a front wheel drive and just four years the newly established design department progressed from a prototype to a production model are sixteen then build a new production facility and some go. in france.
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just import for christo says when they are sixteen was launched the media were impressed that they praised the cars a benchmark and symbol of practicality and held it up as a challenge to german engineering even today the car is still a smooth and comfortable right granted this steering is a bit squishy and going around curves can be nerve wracking but overall this is a great set of wheels he's done up and wasn't constant and what about us guys get fit. and so the renault are sixteen became an international hit initially sales figures doubled year by year by nine hundred seventy two seven years later renault had sold over one million are sixteen's. renault kept producing the car until one nine hundred eighty continually developing new versions including a luxury t. x. model with around seventy kilowatts electric windows and five speed manual transmission. eyes open mind the first time says the i. sixteen has
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a unique design the two box design is a particular feature that it broke with a conventional design at the time where vehicles were divided into three boxes and the engine in front of the passenger compartment and the trunk and back in contrast they are sixteen fused the passenger and trunk space allowing for a flexible interior with up to seven different variations and that's at and i did just that i had become to flexible to take this in the homes just so it was even vance when smokers cut that's about it. was it there's the normal position for when you're just driving poles and the position for transporting large items the backseat can be folded away entirely and. then there's it was this the only one way to relax and sure. went as well as the cushy position for sleeping and cuddling. back then there were no sixteen had one of the most spacious and comfortable interiors of any mid size car neat features like the continuous
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ventilation grill and a classy ashtray expressed a typically french charm. another clever feature metal rails along the flared go to roof they provide stability and function as roll bar oddly the torsion bar suspensions were installed one behind the other making the wheel base six centimeters longer on the left side than on the right. and that is a more current tester christo says and there we find it is spattered fire as well as a redesigned one point five liter four cylinder engine with forty kilowatts made from the engine block a cylinder head and gears are made from a lightweight aluminum alloy is good to achieve better balance the gears are located ahead of the front axle. sits behind a more typical of modern sports cars
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so the reno was actually ahead of its time but the more talk to off north by more down spot talk of football if it was an outside. and this raspy melodic sound is quite in chanting. data safe tonight christophe feels the are sixteen stands for the famous french lifestyle a bit eccentric but very likeable and easygoing road bumps like a lot of public him wouldn't be under sixteen suspension smoosh them right over there too lazy to change gears you can go forty kilometers per hour or faster in just third or fourth gear and the seats are as soft as a sofa. comfort tapa suitable. overall a pretty relaxing right now. are sixteen really lives up to reno's old
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cars for life slogan it can be customized according to every owner special wishes until this day renault has a reputation for building great family cars. that who knows a throw stuff reckons renewal built the right car at the right time it was produced for fifteen years from the mid one nine hundred sixty s. until one nine hundred eighty s. and impressive record as the first midsize sedan atch back with a large trunk lid and flexible interior it set the standard for midsize sedans as such the are sixteen is a milestone an automotive engineering and maya style the automobile shifted. overall one point eight million are sixteen's were built but very few models are still in good condition today owners took renault's slogan quite literally and drove their cars art a few are sixteen's were sent in for repairs or to the car wash as a result many gradually warren. overtime.
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the be. and next time i'm driving athletic and practical there's shooting at leon cooper. and stronger we should end roomie we trash the peugeot five thousand eight.
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hundred. dog monk was an industrial powerhouse with the famous football team through. those young but the heyday of cold steel and heavy industry is long gone i want to find out how all of this start months past and present shape the city to this day. explores the city's rough and ready chunk of what. thirty minutes of
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d.w.i. . and farmy on the ropes germany's going to spare soldiers sometimes feel like the cinderella of a nation the public hears about crumbling capabilities of abuse of power and right wing extremism morale is suffering the troops are fighting so strange. people don't know what it's like to be scared to death have the armed services lost their bearings. in seventy five minutes all the details of. what secrets lie behind these memos. find out in an immersive experience and explore fascinating world cultural heritage sites. the d w world heritage three sixty the kitty. i was here when i arrived here i slept with six people in
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a room. it was hard. i even got white hair. then in the gym language hit me a lot this gets me and could help me get to entrust the lives of say you want to know their story in the light that spurred fighting and reliable information for migrants. equal india. how can a country's economy grow can harmony with its people and the environment. when there are do we're supposed to look at the bigger picture. india a country that faces many challenges and people are striving to create a sustainable future. clever projects from europe and india. kiko india on t.w. . her first day of school in the jungle.
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pandora's grand moment arrives. joint direct attack on returning back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. returns home on. tang's. a menace without the world what is this about. a leader of the last. the last meeting that is spot on the cutting it is. about money. lost part of the us and them. they got i guess. all that of a lot of able to somebody's body ana said that as you nicole.


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